stop coping, start correcting

Dysolve® is based on an in-person program in New York that has corrected processing problems in learning disabilities such as dyslexia.
Dysolve® uses the Coral Method®.

treat the problem, not the symptoms

Unlike other methods, Dysolve® targets the root problem
to remove the symptoms.

diving down to the source

Dysolve® goes beneath the confusing surface behaviors and responds with
a unique intervention program for each person.

see how Dysolve® works

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the science behind Dysolve®

Over 20 years of scientific research have established the core linguistic deficits associated with dyslexia. Those with dyslexia often face language-processing problems hindering reading and writing development.

As every brain is different, the challenge is to find the root cause of this language-processing problem for each person. Only then can we combat the source of dyslexia for that person.

The Dysolve® Program runs on a massive database that responds to individual variations across the spectrum. This database took over 30 years of research to build. Today's technology transformed this expertise into the world's only intelligent intervention program automated to correct dyslexia.