Dysolve® – App of the Week

Dysolve® is a game-based AI program that identifies and corrects dyslexia Dysolve®, an autonomous AI system, has corrected dyslexia, a learning disability that was previously thought to be lifelong. Dyslexia is a reading difficulty that affects 20% of the world’s population. It is due to processing inefficiencies in the brain. Dysolve® AI locates these inefficiencies by creating games that activate targeted brain processes during gameplay. Then Dysolve® AI captures key data on these brain processes in the user’s game responses and creates new games to correct these inefficiencies. https://thelearningcounsel.com/articles/app-of-the-week/dysolve-is-a-game-based-ai-program-that-identifies-and-corrects-dyslexia/ The Learning Counsel

5 Critical Ways to Manage a Dyslexia Diagnosis in Your Teenager

Consider these terms: 1) Dyslexia is a reading difficulty – difficulties can be overcome. 2) Dyslexia is caused by inefficient language processing – inefficiencies can be corrected. It is unfortunate that schools classify dyslexia as a learning disability – “disability” sounds dire and permanent. With current AI technology, the term is also inaccurate because dyslexia is now correctible. https://parentingteensandtweens.com/how-to-help-teen-with-dyslexia/

AI-Powered Software Offers Breakthrough for Treating Dyslexia

Dysolve, the first artificial intelligence-powered platform for dissolving dyslexia and associated learning disabilities, is paving the way for a new treatment approach. Dyslexia is a neurodevelopmental learning disorder that makes it challenging for children and adults to read, write, and spell. The condition affects one out of every five people and represents 80% to 90% of those with learning disabilities. Read the full story

Good Morning Arizona

Jaime Cerreta appeared with Dr. Coral Hoh on Good Morning Arizona to discuss the use of Dysolve AI in education to battle learning disabilities. Dr. Coral shared with Jaime the promising learning and reading improvements that Arizona users showed after using Dysolve.