New technology aims to treat dyslexia with AI-powered games

Can AI treat dyslexia in a way traditional experts can’t? Dr. Coral Hoh explains how she’s trying to do just with AI-powered platform Dysolve. As artificial intelligence continues to dominate Wall Street’s attention, the conversation typically has revolved around productivity…among more existential concerns. But can AI be used to treat some of the most consequential and prevalent cognitive diseases? New Technology Aims To Treat Dyslexia With Interactive Games

The Future of AI in the Classroom

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently made waves in art, literature and news. From revolutionary innovations that promise to make life easier to horrifying crimes, there’s no area AI hasn’t touched. AI is everywhere—including the classroom. Dysolve AI is a program capable of helping people with dyslexia by mapping their areas of difficulty and designing tailor-made games to retrain the brain in the area the person finds challenging. The Future of AI in the Classroom

90.3 WHPC – A Cure for Dyslexia and other Learning Disabilities

Kevin Boston-Hill speaks with renowned linguistics expert and founder of the A.I. system DYSOLVE, Dr. Coral P.S. Hoh, about how artificial intelligence can be used to fill in the gaps currently experienced in providing services for our special needs population. The current data shows that DYSOLVE is a better alternative to the current reading interventions and at a fraction of the cost.Instruction Discussion 90.3 WHPC-FM #ai, #collegeradio, #disabilities, #disability, #dyslexia, #dysolve, #education, #learning, #learningdisabilities, #learningdisability, #longisland, #school, #schools, #teach, #teacher, #teaching, #whpc

Assembling Inclusion – Dyslexia Breakthrough: AI-Powered

In this episode we talk to Dr. Coral Hoh, a linguistic expert and the co-founder of Dysolve. Dysolve is an artificial intelligence powered solution for evaluation and addressing dyslexia. During our conversation, Dr. Hoh addresses the problems with the traditional approach to dyslexia evaluations, including scattered assessments and data points that often don’t give a clear roadmap for intervention. Spotify Apple Podcasts Pandora YouTube iHeart Radio