Pre-Screening Report

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This pre-screening only assesses a small sample of language-processing abilities. For comprehensive and individual-specific evaluation, sign up for Dysolve®.

Pre-Screening for Language-Processing Problems

Areas assessed Risk level
Phonological Awareness Index measures sensitivity to the sounds and sound patterns of English. It includes phonemic awareness, knowledge of English phonemes (sounds) in words. Phonological awareness is needed to decode the sound-based alphabetic system of written English. This pre-screening test also assesses phonological processing speed. Moderate
Morpheme recognition index measures ability to identify word structure and affixes. This ability simplifies and accelerates reading and word acquisition. High
Lexical retrieval index measures ability to recall learned words rapidly. This index indicates whether brain stores and accesses words in a form that allows for fluent speech and reading. High

Disclaimer: Other areas of language processing pertinent to your case may not have been assessed by this pre-screening. Other tests measuring each index have also not been included in this pre-screening. Your performance on these tests may also be affected by other factors, such as your typing skills in the Lexical Retrieval test. More functions are available in the full assessment when you sign up, such as audio recording of your voice. Sign Up >

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