Dysolve® – App of the Week

Dysolve® is a game-based AI program that identifies and corrects dyslexia Dysolve®, an autonomous AI system, has corrected dyslexia, a learning disability that was previously thought to be lifelong. Dyslexia is a reading difficulty that affects 20% of the world’s population. It is due to processing inefficiencies in the brain. Dysolve® AI locates these inefficiencies by creating games that activate targeted brain processes during gameplay. Then Dysolve® AI captures key data on these brain processes in the user’s game responses and creates new games to correct these inefficiencies. https://thelearningcounsel.com/articles/app-of-the-week/dysolve-is-a-game-based-ai-program-that-identifies-and-corrects-dyslexia/