Using AI to solve Dyslexia

Artificial intelligence. Many people are wary of AI due to its complexity. That may be true if they peer into the guts of an AI program. But the complexity is often hidden behind a very simple user interface.

This is true of Dysolve®. The AI technology behind Dysolve® has to be powerful enough to probe a user’s brain processes, detect processing inefficiencies, and correct them. But even a 6-year-old can use the program independently without adult support.

The child just logs in, clicks on a GET STARTED button, and plays the only game activated at that time. The AI system has painstakingly analyzed and cross-referenced millions of datapoints of this user to create this new game. But the child does not need to know any of this. All the child has to do is play that one game. The child can also watch a How-to-Play demo in the game to proceed.

It is just as simple for the adult to get the child started. The adult simply signs up to get a userid and password. The adult does not need to download, install, or upgrade anything. The adult does not have to refer to a manual.

Traditional online programs often require orientation training for teachers. Some require teachers to input raw scores prior to “automated” scoring. Dysolve removes this unnecessary work that overburdens teachers.

Yet behind this easy-to-use program is the technology to change brain processing, enabling the user to finally learn to read, learn to learn, remember, concentrate, and complete schoolwork successfully. All the teacher or parent has to do is watch this change unfold in each child. This is the beauty of AI.