Would You Believe that a Child Could Change THIS Much?

In Christmas of 2022, Philip visited us in his last year of high school. He joined Dysolve at 9 and left at 12. Before that, his daily meltdowns were so bad that his Mom videotaped them to show his teachers why homework was impossible. Dysolve helped Phillip solve Dyslexia.

For children like Philip, the problem is never as straightforward as a reading/learning difficulty. There are also ADHD, anxiety, other psychological disorders, and sometimes autism. Dysolve attended to the foundation first—language processing—because it is a major part of one’s waking hours. When the brain can’t process language efficiently, it hinders other functions and eventually shuts down.

Language also helps to organize our thoughts. Before, Philip would see a math question on the board, say (3 x 6) to the power 3, and his mind would bounce off to “Powerpuff Girls!—Cartoons!—When can I watch cartoons?!!…” Our minds do wander from time to time, but not to the point that they become runaway trains leaving wreckage behind every time.

How could a child like that focus to read? Philip couldn’t. Seven months into Dysolve, Philip started recognizing written words to read passages. Before, he couldn’t even make out words to read a full sentence. Dyslexia is not about switching b and d. The problem is much more profound and complex.

By the time Philip got to high school, his problems were behind him. He started getting 90s in his grades. Self-esteem, self-confidence, self-discipline emerged with his newfound abilities. Now Philip is considering the Air Force ROTC to become a pilot. Now he has the intellectual and psychological strengths to make this happen, all thanks to Dysolve helping solve dyslexia.

Wishing Philip and everyone a successful year ahead.